Pick Up Lines: Get ready to put your ideas to the test. Gather up all your friends and formulate an idea for a product or service that addresses a problem in the marketplace. Name your company, write your elevator pitch, and pitch your idea to a panel of judges. The teams with the best pitches and plans will win cash prizes.

Android VS. IPhone: Have you used Snap Chat, Periscope or IG? Ever wonder how the creators and suppliers of these apps actually developed these cool platforms? Here's your chance to become the supplier and creator, who gains millions of users. This workshop will teach you the basics of app creation. You will learn how to create, build, publish and sell your app. Then you’ll have time to fiddle with devices and code to make your own.

On the Beat: Have an interest in the Arts? Technology? Engineering? Here's your chance to get exposed to the world of sound/audio engineering. Learn how to develop your skills using machinery and equipment for the recording, mixing and reproduction of sound. Explore different types of recording media, such as analog tape, digital multitrack recorders and workstations, and computer knowledge. Get introduced to the hottest software like Pro Tools, Logic and Fruity Loops.

The Art of Fashion: No matter what your intended application may be, if you have never screen printed, you must first become familiar with the mechanics of the tool. This workshop is designed to acquaint you with screen-printing and introduce you to the fundamentals of art techniques, with some specifics on screen-printing merchandise and preparing it for sale.

Youtubepreneur: Description coming soon!

How Much A Dollar Cost: For the most part, people love to consume things. Whether its clothes, video games, food, electronics, you name it, people love to just spend money. Journey with us as we go beyond your desire for instant gratification and accumulating things. Learn how to be smart with your money. Learn how to double, even triple the money you would spend on a pair of KD’s or an iPhone 7. Discover the truth about companies that make the products you love most (Apple, Sony, Nike)! Learn how to calculate interest and save money. 

SLAY: Can you really teach entrepreneurship? It's not about whether you can teach skills to be a successful entrepreneur, but rather what skills need to be taught or learned. SLAY will focus on soft skills development. These are trickier to learn. They don't necessarily come from working hard. They come from inside you. Special attention will also be given to what's outside of you - your appearance and attire. You'll learn the essential wardrobe items every entrepreneur needs in their arsenal to SLAY!

Bounce Back: Most of your life you’ve been taught how to work for money and trade time for money Now, you will learn how to make money work for you in this exciting interactive workshop using the game Cash Flow by Rich Dad Poor Dad . This game style setting will teach you the concepts of money in a risk-free setting while simultaneously increasing your financial literacy and stressing the nature of accountability.

Mad Scientist: Innovation drives entrepreneurship and business. New ideas and new technologies are evolving every day. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a cool and exciting industry that’s creating the most sought after gadgets and robots today. Find out how you can get in on the action and prosper as an inventor and producer of products.

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work: Today, diseases associated with obesity and lack of exercise are taking a toll on many people, especially entrepreneurs who spend most of their time in offices or travelling, with little or no time for physical exercise. Physical fitness is a key ingredient for success in business. We will provide you with simple exercises and tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while building your empire.

Meet a Mentor: Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask a doctor, author, lawyer, engineer, DJ, CEO or maybe even a local celebrity? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to meet with two or three mentors for a series of discussions with each mentor.


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