Over 500 youth served,

50+ businesses started

5 Social Enterprises.


Youth Entrepreneur Institute utilize entrepreneurship as a vehicle for youth to learn marketable STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art and math). Our goal is to inspire youth to acquire the educational skills and self-confidence needed to “put poverty out of business.”

How we inspire youth

Through our Theory of Change, we have identified four key outcomes for our work. Our programs:

  • Increase engagement with mentors and role models
  • Build key 21st Century and entrepreneurial skills
  • Empower students to pursue entrepreneurialSTEM and Art career paths
  • Build connections to like-minded peers and the entrepreneur community


Our program changes the course of students' lives. here's how.

increase in 21st century skills

YEI is drastically increasing student’s social responsibility, critical thinking and confidence. Youth reported an increase in social responsibility (81%), critical thinking (84%), and confidence (94%) on our 2016 survey.  97% of the youth surveyed at our 2017 Maker Fair reported that the event increased their interest in STEM.


Eighty percent of our students complete each of the nine 6-week trimesters, or levels, of our program over the course of our programs, Students must attend/complete 75 percent of each session—the equivalent of 60 hours—in order to progress to the next level.

increase in wages

 53 % of our students have earned an average living wage of $16.71 per hour in business profits managing one of YEI's social enterprises.  15 of our students obtained their business licenses in 2017.


YEI’s programs was recently featured on Channel5 news. Click here to view



“A person’s shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world.”



Projected growth in number of students served


2015 - 2017


Youth Entrepreneur Institute was founded in 2015 to address the historic lack of entrepreneurial services available to youth in DC. YEI's first program was held at Langston Dwelling in partnership with Uniting Our Youth. Later that year YEI also expanded into one charter school and two community centers. In 2016 , YEI partnered with DOESand DPR to serve over 200 youth in our summer and after school programs. By the end of 2016 YEI was conducting ongoing workshops at 10+ community centers, and one charter school in year round programming for about 100 students.   By Mid 2017, YEI had served over 500 students and helped over 20 students start successful businesses.  We are very proud of the progress we have made.



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