Dazzle Creations

Carolyn Howard, Owner and YEI Graduate

Dazzle creations

Dazzle Creations is a kids party planning business that believes in "over the top"  affordable parties specifically designed with youth in mind.  In addition to party planning services, Dazzle Creations custom makes birthday outfits including tshirts, tutus, shoes, and accessories. It is founded by Carolyn Howard, a 24 year old mom from Ward 8. She plans to expand her market share using etsy, social media campaigns, and Groupon.  If you are planning a kids party in D.C., you can find her previous projects and work on instagram.


X.O. By Xio

Ashley Garland, Owner and YEI Graduate

xo BY xIO

X.O. By Xio is a hair care business that believes in “curls and confidence” and strives to empower young women to be confident in their natural hair. It is founded by Ashley Garland, a 21 year old D.C. licensed stylist from Ward 7 .All of her our products are made from natural ingredients and sulfate free. Ashley has experience working with all hair types and clients which has recently included our current president's daughter. To book an appointment with Ashley or purchase her hair products please email xiomaragarland@gmail.com


Miss T and Co.

Tamara Russell, Owner and YEI Graduate


Miss T and Co is a event planning business that believes in “every last detail”.  Mrs. T and Co specializes in bartending and beverage catering. It is founded by Tamara Russell, a 24 year Alcohol Manager from Ward 7.  She plans to expand her products by bottling her own handcrafted "Mocktails" and finding a distributor to help her secure and fulfill national sales.  If you are planning a wedding, baby shower, or professional gathering in D.C., you can find her previous projects and work on instagram.